Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – June 2015

Minutes of Sustainable Communities Network Winnebago County UW-Extension office, Oshkosh June 4th, 2015 Meeting called to order at 3:00 pm by Jim Resick. Members present: Kathy Thunes, Jeanine Knapp, Kimberly Miller, Roger Kanitz, Linda Stoll, Carol Kasimor, John Conrad and Resick. Roger reported on planned meeting with urban forestry managers, set for June 17, 10:00 […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – December 2014

Minutes Sustainable Communities Network December 4, 2014   Present: John Conrad, Carol Kasimor, Ria Hull, Linda Stoll, Catherine Neiswender, Kathy Thunes, Liz Williams, Jerry Wittman, Roger Kanitz, Jim Resick and Aimee Niendorf.   Roger distributed invoices for SCN website maintenance services. Payments are due by end of year.   Liz reported for tree ordinance group […]

Proposed Get Together of Fox Valley Community Forestry Managers

A small subcommittee of the Fox Valley Sustainability Communities Network (SCN) has been reviewing community ordinances related to the urban forestry currently being practiced in the Fox Valley and elsewhere in the state.   The spread sheets illustrating our findings related to published community ordinances can be found on this website. These are listed as pages […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – June 2014

1.     Guest:  Steve Dunn, UW-Oshkosh joined us to discuss his experience and perspectives of how businesses view and incorporate sustainability.  Much was shared and discussed. Here are some highlights: Early on, businesses mostly focused on complying with the law and did things for compliance, not the environment Their goal was/is to stay in business  and […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – 2014

Present: Gerry Whitman, Craig Moser, Dave Tebo, Dick Gosse, Jim Resick, Paul Farrell, John Conrad, Linda Stoll, Roger Kanitz, Carol Kasimor, Kathy Thunes, Aimee Niendorf, Catherine Neiswender, Elizabeth Williams Guests: Kim Miller, Jeff Roe, DNR Notes: 1. Resilient urban tree canopy – Kim Miller and Jeff Roe, DNR Kim and Jeff shared information on the […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – September 2014

Attendees: Ria Hull, Linda Stoll, Craig Moser, Catherine Neiswender, Roger Kanitz, Kathy Thunes, Dean Gazza, Mike VanDyke, Dick Gosse, Carol Kasimor, Elizabeth Schultz, Chris Miller and Jim Resick. Next meeting was set for Thursday, March 20 at 3:00 p.m., Platinum Flight Center at Outagamie County Airport, including tour of this green facility. Summary of Meeting […]

Town of Menasha Sustainability Success Tracking 2014-01-06

Plans Adopted Comprehensive Plan w/ sustainability issues addressed Park and Open Space Plan with trails/walkability addressed. Ordinances and Policies Adopted Sustainability Policy Green Procurement Policy Wind Power Ordinance. We have adopted our own Zoning Ordinance, which allows for more flexibility in regards to planning and building for sustainability. Construction Projects Completed Installation of a 28kW […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – October 2013

October 3rd 2013 Transcribed by Roger Kanitz Attendees: Kathy Thunes ECWRPC, City of Menasha Roger Kanitz – City of Menasha, SCN Mike Van Dyke – Town of Menasha Dick Gosse – Out. County Supervisor Jerry Wittman – Out. County Facilities Carol Kasimor – City of Neenah John Conrad – Town of Greenville Agenda with comments […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – January 2014

Attendees: Roger Kanitz – City of Menasha Kathy Thunes – City of Menasha Dick Gosse – Outagamie County Mike Van Dyke – Town of Menasha Ria Hull – Town of Menasha Jessica Beckendorf – Outagamie County Christine Miller -Outagamie County Approval of Notes from January Meeting read by Jessica. No changes were made. The main […]