Town of Menasha Sustainability Success Tracking 2014-01-06

Plans Adopted

  • Comprehensive Plan w/ sustainability issues addressed
  • Park and Open Space Plan with trails/walkability addressed.

Ordinances and Policies Adopted

  • Sustainability Policy
  • Green Procurement Policy
  • Wind Power Ordinance.
  • We have adopted our own Zoning Ordinance, which allows for more flexibility in regards to planning and building for sustainability.

Construction Projects Completed

  • Installation of a 28kW solar electric system at the Municipal Complex– 2009.
  • Installation of energy efficient lighting at the Municipal Complex– 2011.
  • 17 miles of pedestrian/bicycle trails installed.
  • North Lake Street trail (tie into City of Neenah & Trestle Trail).

Baseline Assessments Conducted

  • Carbon footprint assessment for Municipal Complex- 2010.
  • Energy Audit for Municipal Complex/Fire/Utility – 2011.
  • Energy reduction projects:Municipal Complex – lighting, etc.– 2012
  • Utility – improvements to efficiency for water and sewer pumps – 2012
  • Streets – possible LED street lights – 2014.
  • The Bike/Ped Task Force has conducted a preliminary facilities usage inventory – 2013.

Organizations and Institutions Created

  • Sustainability Committee created – 2008
  • Formed Trail Advisory Committee – Resolution Adopted by the Town Board to form the Committee – June 2013
    • Have had three successful meetings;
    • Have begun inventory of current facilities.

Programs Launched

  • HSBN (Healthy, Sustainable, Business Network) Program established to recognize sustainability in business practices – SCA Tissue, Miron Construction, and Jack’s Maintenance have received awards.
  • Successful Earth Week partnership with HSBN businesses – ReStore collection competition; children’s sustainability poster competition for take-your-kid-to-work day.
  • Active Community Environments Initiative – attended second training at the beginning of June.


  • Completion of the Natural Step study circles– 2011.
  • Sustainability presentations to Town Department Heads.
  • Sustainability educational booth at NNO every year.
  • Established an organic teaching garden at Schildt Park – 2011.
  • Participation in sustainability fairs sponsored by SCA Tissue.
  • Creating a Sustainable Business Development Plan.
  • Established Community Gardens at Schildt Park – 8 plots – 2012
    • 17 plots for 2013
    • 22 plots are planned for 2014 and all but one are rented already. Created a gravel parking area and a path around the gardens
    • will be installing decorative fencing around the parking area and planting grape vines along the fence
    • planted fruit trees around the parking lot perimeter.
  • Farmer’s Market in conjunction with the Park and Rec. Dept. at Schildt Park – 2012
    • 2013 – have 7 vendors, which dwindled to three… trying again in 2014
  • Held electronics recycling events at the Municipal Complex every spring and fall – 2010-2014. Last year we partnered with the * City of Menasha and Neenah to hold our recycling events around the same time
    • we will continue that in 2014.


  • Explore the creation of a community flower garden.
  • Support the town’s urban forestry efforts by partnering with the Park and Rec Dept. on Arbor Day events.
  • Conduct sustainability reviews of town department operations.
  • Continue to work with SCN on a series of short videos on sustainability to air after our Planning Commission meetings on the public access cable channel.
  • Partner with the City of Menasha on bike/ped. planning efforts –connectivity between municipalities.
  • The Bike/Ped Task Force is applying for a “Bicycle Friendly Community” designation – 2014.
  • The Bike/Ped Task force is working on prioritizing actions for bike/ped improvements in the town – 2014.
  • Work on a sustainable business development plan – 2014.

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