Terrace Planting Management

Community Tree Management is one of the first reviews that the SCN is undertaking.  It will give us all a better understanding of what this process will need in terms of support and yet be of benefit to the Fox Valley community as our member communities look to improve tree related codes in the years to come.

The rules followed in our localities vary. The following chart details the differences between the ordinances in the Fox Valley area.  We found that the tree management codes were integrated with the plant and disease topics. See below for brief comments about this survey effort that we are not able to fit into the charting format. Please see Terrace Planting Management Page 2 for additional community reviews.

1) Should ordinance comment on plants that block city signs?

2) City websites are changing frequently, so reference code links may change too.

3) Madison has an Edible Landscape Ord 8.33 (not community gardens) requiring permit, planting plan, no permanent improvements but water, and all refuse material removed by 11/15 of each year.

Updated 2014-09-10

City of Menasha City of Neenah
City of Oshkosh Town of Menasha Town of Greenville
Main Code Location Chapter 4 6-4-1  10, 18, 26  Chapter 26, 25-29 & 30, 30-35  8.04  #282 Urban Forestry
Main Focus Public Lands  Public and Private  Tree planting, maintenance, protection  Public Nuisances Both Public & Private Trees/Shrubs
What is Public Terrace 4′ in from curb  2.5′ from curb line or outer line of sidewalk
Purpose Public Health/ Welfare  Public Health/ Welfare  Public health/ welfare Farms, Trails, Keep nature in Harmony
Program Admin City Forester  City Forester/Park Superintendent  City Forester or City Manager  Town Board Urban Forestry Board
Tree Planting Program Details on city website  Taking Root Fund – upon request depending on funding availability. Streets that are reconstructed receive a 1:1 replacement for trees removed. Greenville Youth Forestry Board
Tree City Yes  Yes  Yes
Tree Varieties Menasha Recommended Tree Species Oshkosh Recommended Tree Species
Trees prohibited  none Terrace – Polar, Box Elder, Catalpa, Birch, Willow, Conifer, Silver Maple, Mulberry, Buckeye, Horse Chestnut, Hickory Box Elder, Silver Maple, All members of Poplar Family Terrace – Catalpa, Chinese Elm, White Poplar, Lombardy Poplar, fruit/nut  none
Plants prohibited  none Wis Stat 23.235(1)(a),66.0407(1)(b) Ch NR40,Wis Admin Code  Zoning Code, 8.2 Thistle, Spurge, Bindweed, Loosestrife,Multi-floral Rose, Ragweed, Burdock
Insects Prohibited  Tent Catepillars Elm Bark Beetle Ash Bore
Disease Watched  Dutch Elm Dutch Elm Dutch Elm  Dutch Elm none
Chemicals Prohibited
Tree Spraying  Public trees by City  property owner
Terrace Tree Trimming Details Limbs 8′ above walk, 14′ above street,do not block lights Limbs 8′ above walk,14′ above street  Limbs 8′ above walk,12′ above street  Limbs 10′ above walk
Trimmed by  City  City Forester Property owner or City if considered nuisance
Terrace Planting Guidelines Terrace width 3′ min, 30′ tree spacing min,25′ min from intersections, no evergreens,tree grates provided for surrounded byconcrete, no other plantings higher than 8″ above ground  permit required Permits for terrace plants, All plants mustbe 3′ from curb /walks, Height limit is 3’within 8′ of curb
Planted by  City  Permit Req’d  Permit Req’d
Private Citizen Rules on Corners All plants, trees, other must yield clear visibility 2.5 to 10′ from ground  Vision Triangle  none Corner lot clear visibility 2 to 10′ fromground
Tree Frames Permitted, approved by Forester
Reference Link Menasha Tree/Bench Donation Form Why a Greenbelt?
Additional Ordinances
Nuisance Code  Chapter 7 11-7-1  Chapter 10  Chapter 26-10
   Details noted Private trees must clear walks 10′,dead trees removed by owners City can order trees cut on private land
Shoreline Conservation  Article C Sec 13-2-20  Shoreland Ordinance – Chapter 30-51
Conservation Subdivision Rules 270-16; Small lots with shared services focusing on natural aspects
Business Landscaping  Zoning Chap 26, Art 10  Plans submitted to City  Zoning, Art 8 320-60; very detailed
Lawn Weeds and Grasses  Chapter 4 6-4-1 Greenville code 307
    Details noted  Grass height max 8″   Grass height max 8″ Max grass height is 10″; weed commissioner reviews complaints
    Natural Areas  Chapter 10 Permitted, but no prohibited plants grown