Area County Shoreline and Woodland Management

Community Tree Management is one of the first reviews that the SCN is undertaking. It will give us all a better understanding of what this process will need in terms of support and yet be of benefit to the Fox Valley community as our member communities look to improve tree related codes in the years to come.

The rules followed in our localities vary. The following chart details the differences between the ordinances in the Counties of the Fox Valley area.   See below for brief comments about this survey effort that we found in City reviews that relate to these topics.

1)  City of Menasha has a very detailed Shoreline/Wetland Code per  Article C Sec 13-2-20

2) City of Madison has a Shoreline Development Code per Chapter 28.138: Clearing of trees/shrubs in strip 35′ inland from the normal waterline limited to not>30% of frontage

Updated 2014-10-03

Calumet County Winnebago County Outagamie County
Main Code Location  Chapter 82 Zoning  Chapter 27 Shoreline Zoning Code.  Section 27.5-3 Vegetative Buffer  Chaper 44: Shoreline-Wetland Zoning
Main Focus  Woodland and Shoreline Topics, plus Corner lot visibility and Business parking landscaping  Shoreline Buffers  Shoreline Buffers, Corner lot visibility
Woodland Zoning  Section 82-80 states that proportion of area that can be cleared based on zoning district. Woodland management rules cover selective cutting, clear cutting, salvage, and other topics.  A detailed Mitigation Plan is required.
Shoreline Zoning  Section 82-81 covers Shoreline vegetation which states that no more than 30% can be removed within 35′ of High Water Mark; a cutting plan is needed beyond 35′ from High Water Mark  Section 27 5-3 discusses vegetative buffer needed within 35′ of High Water Mark; only a 30′ strip can be removed for 100′ of shoreline.  Section 44-17 discusses shoreline trees and shrubbery cutting, limiting cutting within 50′ of High Water Mark.
Shoreline Zoning Rule Ref. Section 82-81
Niagara Escarpment Section 82-77 provides protection to both crests and lengthy slopes 20% or greater.  Area of tree trimming is limited, and tree clearing rules vary based on distance (25-100)from structures; Selective clearing rules apply beyond 100′ from buildings
Bluffs Section 82-78 states cutting limited to 30% of area within 75′ of any bluff
Business Landscaping Section 82-41 covers Landscape Buffers & applies to prop. uses which adjoin lots located in specific districts, & carry a higher use impact rating than existing uses on adjoining lots.  Section 82-88 covering Parking Area Landscaping is very detailed.
 Corner Lot Visibility  Section 82-33 covers setbacks from roads. Vision corner varies based on jurisdiction of road, plant height limited to 3′ typically.  Section 54-354 states that vision triangle is 25′ from corner and clear vision needed between 2.5′ and 10′ from ground.
 Visibility Rule Ref.