Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – June 2017

Date:  June 1, 2017;         Location:  Greenville Town Hall


Attendees:  R.Kanitz, K.Thunes, S.Wiley, C.Kasimor, J.Conrad          Guest:  R.Kasperek-Evergreen Credit Union, D.Tebo-Town of Greenville, C.Pagels-Town of Greenville

Meeting Notes:

Presentation—Mr. Dave Tebo, Town of Greenville, Agricultural Enterprise Zone

  • As part of the Agricultural Enterprise Zone state program, a Green Belt Zone has been established in the Town of Greenville west and east of the town center
  • Administration is through the Town Land Use Planning Commission
  • Small tax credits are awarded through the program
  • Farm Owners must apply to the program; if accepted, owners must agree the land remains as farm use for 15 years

Presentation—Mr. Chris Pagel, Town of Greenville, Rain Water Management/Rain Gardens

  • Program is effort to meet DNR &EPA objectives for pollution reduction
  • Also due to changes occurring in Everglade Swamp—water level rising changing what was originally was “Forested Swamp” environment; after years of building, other climatological changes were emerging
  • Also receiving complaints from residents for wet ditches
  • Ponds cheapest water control method, but have their own associated risks, can become overgrown & unsightly
  • Modeled water management options based on program in Maplewood, Minnesota—utilization of sand filters, ground filters
  • Site on Fairwinds Drive, partially funded by program grant
  • Piping for direct home sump pump connection, surrounded by infiltration sand mix
  • Plantings options for residents—green, color, higher density, lower density

Presentation—Mr. Steven Wiley, City of Oshkosh, Bee Ordinance

  • Steven provided a copy of the ordinance
  • Ordinance was approved April this year, 2017
  • Concept to allow Urban Beekeeping was initiated by UW-Oshkosh students
  • UWO students conducted publicity, created awareness, generated public interest
  • Educational materials and seminars were offered to educate residents
  • Work began on the ordinance in 2016, leading to approval this year

Discussion – Possible Regional Sustainability Events for Collaboration

  • Topics—PACE Wisconsin, Urban Beekeeping, Trees, Invasive Species, Recycling, Renewables, Native Plants
  • Stakeholders—Residents, Neighborhood Associations, Businesses
  • Locations—UWO Executive Campus, UW-Fox Valley Campus
  • Collaboration with New North
  • New Items from the Meeting-
  • Complete Streets—Defining what the usage will actually be rather than constructing “one size fits all.” ECWRPC could host educational session for elected officials, municipalities
  • Way-Finding Signage for trail systems—trials continue to be added, define standard signage to produce quicker recognition, consistency, standardization. (ECWRPC is considering investigating options, outlining a program, making recommendations – Kathy T.)
  • NEWisc Sustainable Communities Events
  • UWO — How to Build A Sustainability Program. This is scheduled:  Wed, Sept. 27, 5-8pm.  Need to identify a leader.  Discussed contacting UWO Professor (Kathy T.) and/or Fang Yang (Roger K.)
  • UWO also conducts classes for students of short duration, 1-2 days
  • Consider issuing a written proposal that would engage municipal resources

Electric Vehicle Charging Station Inventory

  • An online listing currently exists
  • Recommended providing a link for this site on the SCN website
  • Membership should review the website prior to next meeting where feedback will be discussed—are more needed, are areas not fully covered, how to approach change recommendations


  • Upgrades have been made per the information e-mails sent earlier to SCN distribution
  • Municipalities encouraged to access and load information about their activities, their structures, their history
  • Discussed having pages for specific topics—ordinances, community history, sustainable history, ongoing programs, “plans for the year”

Round Table-

  • Discussion focused on how to get higher attendance and participation.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:33pm

Respectfully Submitted – John Conrad, Sustain Greenville


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