Back Yard Composting Basics

This presentation by Joseph Van Rossum occurred at the UW-Fox Valley and explains how to properly maintain an outdoor compost pile. Joe explains the benefits of composting as a part of the Wisconsin Sustainable Living video series, which is a partnership of Fox Valley area sustainability groups. Go to to see other presentations on […]

Tri-County Single Stream Recycling Facility

The Tri-County Single-Stream Recycling Facility is the result of a unique partnership between Brown, Outagamie and Winnebago Counties, to create a state of the art recycling facility that is publicly owned and operated. Under the Tri-County Partnership, Outagamie County operates the facility, while Brown and Winnebago Counties operate transfer stations that collect residential and business […]

Rain Garden Talk

This presentation highlights both the importance and ease with which rain gardens and rain barrels can be installed in your yard. Join Donna and Kristin as they discuss what the benefits of reducing rain water run-off from your yard are. The end of their presentation lists a number of resources that you can link to […]

Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – January 2014

Attendees: Roger Kanitz – City of Menasha Kathy Thunes – City of Menasha Dick Gosse – Outagamie County Mike Van Dyke – Town of Menasha Ria Hull – Town of Menasha Jessica Beckendorf – Outagamie County Christine Miller -Outagamie County Approval of Notes from January Meeting read by Jessica. No changes were made. The main […]