Sustainable Communities Network Quarterly Meeting Minutes – June 2018

Sustainable Communities Network – June Meeting
6/7/18                      Location: Village of Fox Crossing

Attendees: K. Thunes, K. Biedermann, L. Miotke, R. Kanitz, R. Kasperek, J. Knapp, R. Hull, M. Davey, J. Conard, M. Troge, S. Wiley, and C. Kasimor.

Representative Amanda Stuck: Rep. Stuck gave the group a general overview of her time in Germany, including how the partnership works between the US and Germany, their 10 step plan, similarities to Wisconsin, energy goals (80%) renewable, and being realistic in what changes can be made. German case studies included cities running on their own independent renewable energy supplies, and renewable housing developments built on the principle. Rep. Stuck also explained that in Germany, the movement has a lot of citizen force, and their grid is easier to tie into. Wisconsin also has a lot of energy intensive industries that need a reliable supply. Rep. Stuck went on to answer questions, including those related to the Committee on Energy and Utilities.

Solar Gardens: Kanitz gave a brief overview of Menasha’s study on solar gardens. It is predicted that by August Menasha will have an idea if a solar garden is feasible for Menasha Utilities and where it might be seated. Representatives from Oshkosh shared some of their green buildings that had been constructed with the idea of utilizing the roof-tops for something sustainable.

Community Gardens: Hull presented information on Fox Crossing’s community gardens and their popularity. The grdens were established in 2012 with 8 plots to start and have now expanded to 33 across two parks. Recently, the cost of water usage has been transferred to the Sustainability Committee and out of Parks and Recreation. Other community gardens were discussed, and it is believed the Goodwill Community Gardens have been taken over by Fox Valley Technical College.

Community Sharing: The group went through each attending community to share progress and project updates. Communities compared electronic recycling event successes among other topics including the number of permits that have been taken out for beekeeping. The Oneida Nation has also completed a large scale solar project recently.

 Adjourn: The next meeting will be held September 6th in the City of Oshkosh.

Next meeting days and schedule:

  • September 6th – City of Oshkosh: Barriers to Green Infrastructure and greenspaces discussion  (tentative topic)
  • December 6th – Town of Greenville: Potluck and year round-up (tentative topic)

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